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Willkommen!   27 Treffer
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Formatting Syntax   3 Treffer
| Row 2 Col 3 | You can align the table contents, too. Just add at least two wh... e end of your text: Add two spaces on the left to align right, two spaces on the right to align left and two spaces at least at both ends for centered text. ^
Braunschweiger Linux-User-Group   3 Treffer
:logo_512.png?nolink&200 |}} <text type="primary" align="center" size="1.3em">aka BS-LUG, sagt: LINUX für... icon="fa fa-linux" title=""> <text type="primary" align="center" size="1.9em">Braunschweiger Linux-User-Group</text> <text type="primary" align="center" size="1.3em">aka BS-LUG, sagt: LINUX für
Jobs, Stellenangebote und weitere Märkte   2 Treffer
fa fa-handshake-o" title=""> <text type="primary" align="center" size="1.9em">Aktuelle Stellenangebote</text> <text type="primary" align="center" size="1.3em">... und andere Jobs</text>
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weststadt   2 Treffer
icon="fa fa-users" title=""> <text type="primary" align="center" size="1.9em">Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weststadt</text> <text type="primary" align="center" size="1.3em">AGeWe</text> Die Arbeitsge